Of course, that’s not talking about the attractive women that they use to keep the men in check. A lot of work goes into making a casino, and if you find yourself losing track of time while you continue to bet on things? You know it’s working.

2. There ARE Games Aren’t Stacked Against You There are a lot of catchphrases associated with casinos, but the most popular one is, “The house always wins.” This is because most casino games are actually stacked in favor of the house. After all, it’s their house, and they want to make money, right? That being said, there are games that aren’t bent in the houses favor. If you have a little skill, and a little luck, you could do well.

One of them is Poker, for as I mentioned earlier, it’s a game about putting you against other players. Yes, there is a lot of luck involved in regards to how the cards fall, but if you learn the game, and learn how to read others, you could win. Blackjack is another one that isn’t always in the houses favor. People will tell you it is, but like Poker, it’s all about the cards and the ability to judge when to stop and when to hit.

Finally, Baccarat. While not the most popular game at casinos, it does have some low minimum bets. And, the way you play the game is betting on the player or the banker.

That’s it. So do some research, and play some free versions of the games online, it might help you when you play the game for real. 1.

There ARE Games Meant To Screw You While the casinos will never admit it, there are games designed to truly rip off players at their casinos. I mentioned Poker and Blackjack in the previous entry as games that can be good to players. But, there are “variations” of these classic games that casinos employ to basically rob you blind. Games like “Three Card Poker” or “Double Exposure Blackjack” to name a few. Sometimes, the house advantage can be 9% or higher, which is insanely high in the gambling world.

And these are just a few of the games that are rigged in their favor. Slot machines can also be used to rob people blind, because people will see big payout possibilities, but the games themselves are so complicated that it’s difficult to get the right combination to win. It’s fine to experiment, but just know that if you go off the basic games, you might be in trouble, financial trouble that is. Thanks for watching!

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