Causing a weird stir in their announcement for their choice of woman protagonist, it’s set to release on October 19th. FALLOUT 76 Our home, the country roads of West Virginia, gets a post-apocalyptic makeover with Bethesda’s dive into massive multiplayer. Feeding into a growing clamor for Battle Royales, Fallout 76 feels like an appropriate yet still fully original response. Using pretty much the same engine as Fallout 4, it’s understandably similiar. But, at it’s core it expands on the gameplay horizons, shoving you into a NPC-less world four times bigger and packed with equally hungry survivors. It’s coming out soon this Nov 14th Just Cause 4 A franchise built on freedom and chaos, Avalanche Studios is giving you a brand new taste of the apple of discord as you wreak more havoc in their destructible open world.

Building a new engine from the ground up, this fourth installment is built on better foundations so expect the excitement to ramp up. They’ll be more things to destroy with four fresh biomes, each a fitting canvas for your explosive delights. It’s set to release on Dec 4th 2018 Resident Evil 2 A remake of one of Capcom’s legendary Resident Evil titles, we’ve finally gotten a closer look at this beauty with their last presentation at E3. Built from the ground up using the latest RE Engine, Resident Evil 2 follows the story of Leon and Claire as they make their escape from the dreaded T-Virus and the many dangers of Raccoon City. Featuring, quite literally, an all-new perspective on a beloved classic with its over-the-shoulder gameplay, it’s set to release on Jan 25th 2019 Metro Exodus The Metro series moves to the open world sphere in this third installment.

Back with their signature stealth and survival horror, Exodus places you in a radioactive Moscow, leaving you to fend off for yourself amidst the landscape of the nuclear winter. Explore the dangers of their dystopian world, complete with the perks of sandbox and Stalker-like open world. Finally getting an official release date, it’s set to release next year on February 22nd. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Exploring more of the possibilities opened up by their online only action RPG, Massive takes a calculated leap into sequel-dom with this second installment of their contagion commission. Leaked last March, Ubisoft’s first look at the game brings us to the nation’s post apocalyptic Capital.

There may have been talks of carrying over progress from the first game to the sequel, but none of it has been confirmed. Hopefully, they’ll do a better job than Bungie. Set to release on March 15th, 2019. Rage 2 If you’re still out looking for the definition of the word “insane” then this sequel to Bethesda’s open world shooter just might be the place to find it. Revelling in the riots of raucuous, ruffian raptures, Rage 2 sets itself apart from today’s Royale-crazed roster with its singular focus on their single-player campaign. Put yourself in the shoes of walker and bask in the revelry of his no-holds barred universe–all in buttery smooth 60fps of course.