Now that you know that the pay schedule on the machine is affected by each coin played, here are some tips that will be helpful to you when deciding which machines to play.

–          Read what’s in front of you. Casinos have no problems with setting payoffs on certain hands lower than the usual amount that they should be paid at. Such changes can be seen any where on the pay table, so look and read what is in front of you. There is no sense in playing a machine that pays you a tiny amount for a difficult to get winning hand.

–          Always be on the look out for cuts being made on the pay outs of common hands. Yes, huge pay outs from hitting the rare hands are very alluring, just do not forget that common hands are your bread and butter. You want to find a machine that pays what it should for common hands, too. Do not get caught up in playing a machine that only pays well for the rare hands, you will lose money chasing these pay outs, they are what they are – rare.

–          Unless you are a fantastic video poker player with a big bankroll, stay away from the new video poker games out there. Typically, these newer games have great pay outs for the rare hands and imaginative combos, but these are the games that substitute entertainment value for large pay outs for common hands. They are flashy and exciting and if you are out for entertainment with low pay outs, they are the games for you then.

–          Try not to judge a book by its cover in video poker. You will no doubt quickly stumble upon names like Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus and so on. Do not let the name fool you into thinking that they pay so much more. In fact, Double Double Bonus pays less than Double Bonus. It is all the side bets and bonuses that tear you away from getting paid for the hands you will no doubt be getting more commonly.

–          Finding the best video poker games may take some time, but this is time well spent. They are out there. From online casinos to online casino, video poker game pay outs vary. Look for full pay machines.

–          Even though selecting a machine that has the best pay schedules is important, you still need to know how to actually play the game first. Be sure you know the proper strategy for each game first. If you constantly make the worst decisions about which hands to try for and play, the payout schedule will not matter anyway.

So, now that you understand a few things about video poker and finding the best machines, here is a little sample of strategy for the two most common video poker games. Remember, video poker and regular table poker games are not played under the same strategies.

If you are going to play Jack or Better, here are a couple quick strategy tips you will want to know:

–          Never keep a kicker. A kicker is an extra high card along with a pair. Ditch it when playing this video poker game. It does nothing for you statistically.

–          Never try to draw to an inside straight, unless you are holding at least three high cards. Even four high cards are recommended. Understand here, J-Q-K-A is an inside straight. There is only one rank of card than can make the hand – a ten.

–          You will not want to keep 3 cards to a straight or flush – but you will want to keep 3 cards towards a straight flush in some circumstances when playing video poker at online casinos.

–          Strategy charts are important when playing this game. Follow them to the tee for best results. Do not go breaking up a full house or two pair because you are thirsty for a big payout from going all out to get 4 of a kind. It is not worth the risk.

If you are going to play Deuces Wild, here are few quick tips on this game’s strategy:

–          The only single card you will want to keep playing this video poker game is a 2. Do nothing on to that ace because it is a high card. When you play a video poker game with wild cards it just does not pay to hang on to that high card.

–          The only time you would ever consider throwing away a 2 in this game is if you are going for a natural royal flush. This will be such a rare instance, but it is worth mentioning because a natural royal will payoff much, much higher than one using a wild card does. Still, it is recommended to keep the 2. Getting the natural royal is such a massive pipe dream that it is just not worth the risk in the end.

–          With Deuces Wild, as a general rule of thumb, do not play any machine that pays less than 5 for 1 on 4 of a kind.

–          When playing Deuces Wild, 4 of a kind hands are your sustaining nourishment when it comes to winning hands. A 4 of a kind will account for close to 33% of your total return playing this video poker game. This fact should clarify certain strategy decisions you should make – like keeping a pair over a four card flush. Now, this also will explain to you why a lull in 4 of a kind can make your bankroll vaporize swiftly. On average 4 of a kind will show approximately every fifteen hands.

–          There you have it, a basic understanding and insight into this very fun casino game. Most all online casinos offer at less a couple video poker games that you can choose from. Most online gambling software companies include a new video poker game in their latest line ups, so be on the look out. Just remember, the flashier the video poker game, the more entertainment you will get out of it – and usually the less pay outs.