If you are an online casinos player who is always looking for the newer cutting edge games, this is one of them. In the world of younger table games, Let It Ride offers the promise of big pay days, but getting those big pays is not always easy. More online casinos are offering this game in the past year or so. It has the same lure that Caribbean Stud does. Although this online casinos game is younger than Caribbean Stud, it is gaining popularity, too.

As far as the history of this casino game goes, it was developed in 1993 by Shuffle Master – you know the company that makes all those shuffling contraptions you see on most casino game tables.

This casino game does not require that its players beat the dealer or other players, you just have to get a hand that qualifies as a paying one. Seems simple enough, it is really. But, the house edge is a very steep one. To make money from this game you really have to get a high paying hand or make the extra $1 side bet and hit a massive hand.

Assuming you know the way this game is played, we will get into its strategy.

House Edge

Even though this game is easy to play and it temps online casino players into thinking it is a good bet, the house edge is very high. For the online casino players out there that actually utilize the right strategy for this casino game, the house edge can be trimmed to a slightly better number – 3.5%. Important to note: The 3.5% house edge is on the amount of your single wager. It is not on the total of your 3 bets.


When you find that you are playing this game at online casinos and you have one of those hands that is on the borderline of being acceptable it is sometimes hard to figure out just what you should do. Borderline hands like flush or straight possibilities are tough calls. While the mathematical deductions are not a hazy line of confusion, it is mind boggling to many online casinos players. The best thing to do is to copy a good strategy chart and keep it with you when you are online gambling.

Betting approach

When it comes to the thought of hitting the big one (which is where the money is earned in this online casino game), it is highly compared to as the same as slot machines. Also, many Let It Ride players will think that the basic strategy for this online casino game is a bit stifling. Many online casino players feel that the fun and excitement in this game is in going for the big pay offs. In actually it is, but the strategy for this game is to minimize your losses while doing so.

Many online casinos players will also get caught in the mind set that getting the chance to take back two of their 3 initial bets give them an open season when they feel like it, they feel they can take more chances by having the false sense of security that comes along with this ability to take back two of their bets. It is so easy to fall into the train of thought that gives this sense of betting security. But, the truth of the matter is that being able to retract two of the three bets you make in this casino game is actually the same as having the ability to place one or two more bets. Instead of thinking the retractable bets are already spent, look at the first two bets as the chance to double or triple your initial wager (when it favors you). If not, you should just stick with your $1 bet (bonus bet) and pray for the best.

Other important issues

When first starting to play this game at online casinos or anywhere else, be sure to see what the house’s limit is for any given hand. Many online casinos and land based casinos cap it out (many will typically have like a $25,000 cap). Even though you chances of getting this jackpot are slim, you don’t want to find yourself getting lambasted if you do hit a big hand.

Think of it this way; say you have 3 ten dollar bets riding and the one dollar side bet. You hit a royal flush, the Mother of all hands. Your 3 bets pay 1,000 to 1. This will be $30,000 for the first three bets. The one dollar side bet pays $20,000. This is a sweet total of $50,000. But, if the casino has that darn $25,000 capped out limit, you will lose out on hard earned money. Yes, you still win a pile of cash, but based on the chances of you ever even getting this hand and actually getting it – you want what is coming to you. This is another way casinos make money, by not paying what they theoretically should when you do hit the jackpot.

So, with this little fact in mind, be sure to not bet any more money than you are comfortable with, based on the big picture. After finding out the maximum pay out, don’t wager more than that number divide by 3,000, whatever it is. Most online casinos and land based casinos have $25,000 caps, but not all. If they do have a $25,000 max pay out, you don’t want to be betting more than 8 bucks as your base bet. This is because if you were to win the Mother Load with a bigger bet, you wouldn’t be getting paid back the amount you deserve – based on probability. It is just not good practice in the long run. If you are playing at any casino that won’t let you bet that low, move on – this is a red flag.

All in all

Information is the key to your power in this online casino game. Look at the basic strategy chart and play by it. Remember that you are not playing this casino game against the dealer or the other players at your table. The house edge is 3.5% if you follow the strategy of this game. Always compare pay out tables if you are playing the bonus game (dollar side bet), the tables will vary form casino to casino or table to table even. The house edge is usually massive here, so compare.

The best thing we can tell you about this game is that is does promise big pay outs if you hit a great hand, it’s just getting to these great hands that is hard. Play by the strategy, it is tight, but you will lose less money while waiting or the hand to hit. Think of this newer casino game as an alternative to slots; one where you get to make more decisions that will directly affect your outcome. Consider this casino game a stepping stone fro other games with better odds like blackjack, video poker and such. Have fun.