Even if you are an online casino player that just has to stay home and play only at online casinos, this article is one you will want to read and fantasize about. It is about the latest casino resort added to the line-up of world class resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada – Red Rock. This massive casino resort just opened its doors to the public less than 2 months ago, already it has bedazzled thousands and thousands of casino game players and travelers looking to see what the fuss is all about.

Online casino players, just think about the perfect casino that mixes luxury with fun. Now think of it as and alternative to online casino gambling. We decided to write about this casino because we found it to be insanely beautiful, offering all the trappings of a five-star hotel with the latest in gambling. Think vast, up close canyon views and distant, vibrant strip views that are unparallel to any other.

Whether you are heading to Vegas in the near future or not, this is the casino to dream about. It provides a state of the art casino, a great selection of restaurants and nightclubs; it is the perfect place for business or leisure. Visitors can choose from nine different dining facilities including the critically acclaimed T-Bones chophouse. If you like Italian, try this casino’s Terra Rosa restaurant. Lucky Bar has all the libations that any discerning mixologist would hail. Rocks Lounge is a great place to here fantastic music. If any of these things seem interesting to you, an online casino player, read on.

Owned and operated by the well known casino company Station Casinos, Red Rock Casino Resort opened for business on April 18. This, Station’s fifteenth casino property in Southern Nevada, is molded to attract any and all. Red Rock, a property that cost some $925 million to construct, is the talk of the town as of late. It should be, it the most expensive and expansive casino property the company has developed yet. The investment seems a good one to us, the casino is designed with such innovation that it is unlike any other.

When you think of Vegas casino resorts, you think of great dining, spa services and a casino that is designed to keep in on property, Red Rock is anything but. We think it is about time, too. As online casinos players, we don’t suffer from smoky casinos with no windows – we expect more, we are after all playing from our own homes where convenience and online casino perks are key. Well, Red Rock’s casino is designed to be simple to navigate and beautifully decorated. If you think about it, convenience is not something the casino resorts in Vegas offer. Yes, they are conveniently located resorts blah, blah, blah, but the casino itself isn’t easy to navigate – at Red Rock it really is.

This resort boasts plenty of natural light throughout including its casino. Yes, the casino has sweeping windows with views of the surrounding canyons and mountains. It is not on The Strip, this may be one of the reasons this place is not afraid to lose your gaming bucks to its neighbor, but as a whole, this place rocks. Its restaurants feature indoor and outdoor eating. The casino really isn’t the focal point of Red Rock, it’s the pool actually. How refreshing, unless you only want to gamble, gamble and gamble. If this is the case, stay at home and play at your favorite online casino. Online casinos players go to casino resorts for the resort, not just the casino, or they wouldn’t be traveling to do so.

The pool is known as the Sandbar and is 3 acres of oasis. It is visible from any vantage point on property and includes more than one pool. Yes, there is gaming at the pools and even beach areas. There are 19 private cabanas for hire and the whole vibe is that of an exotic island oasis.

If you are looking for entertainment, this place has a 3,000 person facility that will hold some of the best shows, parties and concerts in Vegas. Sting played to the opening crowd back in April.

As far as parking is concerned, the casino resort has multiple garages totaling 6,000 parking spots. Red Rock has valet areas that are available through 6 different entrances. That’s another thing, this place has many entrances. Again they are not afraid to let you outside here. Whether you are driving in for a day at the spa or heading to the massive sportsbook, there are many convenient entrances where you don’t have to walk across the casino to get to.

The hotel in the resort was originally designed to have just over 400 rooms available including 45 suites at the opening (phase1) with the second section of the hotel opening later (phase 2). This idea was quickly squashed and the second phase is already well under way. So, there are currently 414 hotel rooms including the 45 suites. Soon, there will be a total of 850 rooms when the tower section has been expanded horizontally. The second phase will also add on to the spa facilities. For those of you who are in the market for a residence/condo in the area, Red Rock is currently constructing it highly anticipated Residences at Red Rock. The one and two bedroom high end condos will be in two separate towers on the property. Sales just started and ill sell out no doubt in the near future.

If you are a movie buff and love to catch a new movie, this resort has 16 screens that include VIP areas.

The hotel rooms are cutting edge with flat-screen (plasma) TVs and more amenities that you find at most resorts on The Strip. Think floor to ceiling windows, iPod docking stations and so much more.

The motif is considered desert-modern architecture that blends indoor and outdoor amendments flawlessly. Red Rock truly embraces the fact that it is located in the middle of a desert, it in no way tries to make its patrons feel as though they are any place else. This fantastic casino resort is located on the far west end of Las Vegas. It is ten miles from The Strip and a twenty minute ride form the international airport. It is in the well planned community of Summerlin. The casino and resort covers 70 acres of land that is right at the base of the mountains to typically see from The Strip when you are looking to the West.

The casino has any and every game you could possibly want to play. The casino is massive and the sportsbook is the biggest in the city.

Bottom line, this is a gem off The Strip that provides a fresh alternative to resorts in the area. The room rates are decent, too. Some go for as low as $139.00 a night! Check it out.